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I always love seeing behind-the-scenes photos from my favorite artists and makers, so I thought I'd share a little glimpse into my creative space today. You'll find it to be a simple, plant-filled little corner in an urban concrete jungle. But for this wild California dreamer, it's a place where I can create and experiment and nurture life.

I design custom macrame patterns and finished pieces, so I always have quite a few plant hangers hung throughout the room. It's really no secret that plants are my favorite (I should probably just live outdoors) and having them all around me is a daily source of inspiration. I really believe they help me to feel more creative and serene.

I attempted to grow orchids for awhile but didn't really care for them enough to keep them looking their best...I still admire them but I've since switched them out for a small collection of cacti. I love how low maintenance they are. Right now we have them potted and displayed on this hanging shelf my hubby and I built together. Tip: Wear gloves and use tongs to repot cacti and you'll avoid those pesky pricks!

My desk lives right in front of the window that overlooks our little balcony garden. We live on the top floor of our building, so we don't have a formal garden, but I've got a nice assortment of flowers, herbs, baby trees and succulents potted just outside my window. I like to work with the blinds pulled out of the way so I can see the hummingbirds and butterflies that like my flowers. The dahlias and nasturtiums are just starting to bloom and we have a little pair of doves that likes to snuggle into the chamomile patch and talk to each other in the mornings.

I'm also an aromatherapist and herbalist, so part of my creative space is occupied by my herbal apothecary. Here's a little portion of it:
My oils, carriers and the rest of my herbs are stored in the fridge and in an antique hutch from my Grandmother. I love formulating from my collection - I'm sure you'll see a few of my recipes here in the near future! =)

That's a little peek at my creative space. I'd love to see yours! Send me a snapshot of it on social media (or share a link in the comments below).

Much love,

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