Natural Plant Dyes

I've been experimenting with natural plant dyes lately. Something about using plants to make natural fibers change colors is just so lovely and, as a plant-obsessed person, giving it a try seemed like a logical endeavor. Here are some of the results from my first batch of color tests.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know all of the best practices for dying with plants. I've never read the books or taken a class. However, I've enjoyed learning as I go and seeing what kinds of colors I can bring out. These results were my favorites from the first bunch.

Turmeric produced a vibrant yellow color that was about the same whether I soaked the ropes for 15 minutes or 24 hours, so I chose to show the 15 minute version so you could see how quickly the color took. Hibiscus was similar in the way it seemed to reach its peak in color pretty quickly. The blueberries, however, produced a wide array of color intensity based on how long I left the ropes in the bath. Rose created very subtle colors with shorter bath times and this pretty dusty rose color after 24 hours.

Hibiscus lent itself well to a quick 90-second graduated dip dye. I loved the light ombre effect this approach created.

Since trying this first batch of plants, I've been building a list of colors I'd like to try next. Eucalyptus, avocado and ferns are at the top of the list. What about you? What would you like to try?

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