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Today I get to share my projects for the Forest Floor Blog Tour! One of my favorite surface pattern designers, Bonnie Christine, periodically hosts blog tours featuring her lovely fabrics and it's always a joy to participate in them. For this particular tour, I decided to make a couple of dreamy, feminine wall hangings with patterns from her collection, Forest Floor. As you can see, I also ended up making some sweet little herb pillows from one of my favorite prints. We'll talk more about those in a bit. =)

I've been really enjoying making little macrame wall hangings lately, so one of the projects I knew I wanted to do was a sweet piece that could hang in a little girl's nursery. What I ended up doing was quite a bit different from what I had planned, but I love the way these little luna moths from Bonnie's Luna Rising fabric look in these two pieces. I used stiff, double-sided fusible interfacing to make the moths rigid so they would attach easily to the hangings and keep their shape. Each moth is double sided so if it flips over in a breeze it'll still look lovely.

I absolutely loved how these wall hangings turned out, but I didn't want to completely abandon my initial plan to incorporate sewing into my project, so I decided to add a second item to my post. Since I've been meaning to make a batch of herbal pillows for my family, I chose to use the Nature Study fabric to make a few. This is one of my favorite patterns from the collection - it's a mix of illustrated botanicals and insects - some of my favorite things!

I chose to work with a heart shape for these smaller pillows. Half of them are filled with Lavender buds and the other half are filled with Chamomile flowers. They can be used to help us relax before bed & encourage sweet sleep. You could also store them in drawers to scent clothing and repel insects.

The other shape I wanted to work with for my herbal pillows was a long, skinny rectangle. This shape is especially useful over the eyes. I've found that a long Lavender pillow over my eyes paired with an herbal foot bath helps me to relax when I'm battling a headache. They're also great for relaxing sleep pillows and can be used over the eyes to block out the light when your spouse wants to read in bed. ;) I filled these with a beautiful mix of Rose petals, Lavender buds and Chamomile flowers.

Thank you for joining me on today's stop for the blog tour! In case this is your first time here, Hi! I'm Erin. =) I blog about natural living for the creative soul - if you're a likeminded soul, feel free to subscribe to the blog or visit me on instagram. I'll let you know when I share new posts and you can opt out at any time - I promise to respect your privacy and never send you spam. =) When you're through browsing here, head over here to see Elizabeth's blog tour quilt [and check in here on Monday for the next post].

Much love,

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